Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dateline Wisconsin: Kathy Nickolaus is under attack by Unions! Unions of Investigators

After hearing that there is going to be an investigation in Wisconsin of Kathy Nickolaus and elections going back to 2006. Apparently there are more votes than Ballots Cast!
Read more about the Investigation here: ►Wisconsin State Journal◄

Board Meeting at FCB$ Headquarters 'THE FEAR BUNKER'

FCB #1: "Ok, this is serious. We can't let there be an                 investigation."
FCB #2: "Well, there's going to be. We need to cook the                 records."
FCB #1: "You can't cook what's been so overcooked."
(cigar toke, cherry red)
FCB #2: "Well, throw that Bitch under the Bus. Claim she's                 Union."
FCB #1: "That my boy is a GREAT idea. Sold!"
(intercom buzz)
FCB #1: "Scott? Get in here"
SCOTT WALKER: "Yes sir, right away sir. Ok Sir."
(Scott enters)
FCB #2: "Scott, we have a story for you to sell!"

                                                                                                    Stickers for Union Thugs

Comment Question:
What should happen to Kathy 'Saint' Nickolaus in regards to this investigation?


  1. under the bus sounds good!

  2. well she's obviously being setup. Bust those Unions with your HARD ... WOOD ... BAT Scottie!

  3. she should be nominated to run US elections in 2012! can we say Bachmann? D=