Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here's how we keep STOMPIN forward! The Tea Party storm into 2012

2012 elections are looking bleek for the Democrats, especially O'Bummer! With a fresh crop of wild eyed, 'Obama is a Socialist Kenyan Muslim,' preaching candidates vying for POTUS, and the fact that there is a bunch of dribbling anti-medicare/social security preaching, medicare/social security receiving, loose skin Patriots that are gonna rush to the polls for us and bring their friends, the 2012 elections are a cakewalk for the GOP. Looking good for the FCB$. Keep it up my friends. And thanks for watching FOX, and letting people know of it's great American Value. True Patriots.

(being corporate never looked so good. Hopefully the Tea Party never catches on)

Comment Question: What Social Program do you want to hand over to Privatization? Since they're not in the Constitution.

via Crooks and Liars


  1. Let's privatize Corporate Welfare. Make subsidies come from a corporation.

  2. How to take over the most powerful country on Earth without it's citizens even knowing it.

  3. privatize the GOP. Oh wait, that's been done.