Sunday, April 17, 2011

See, people? Corporations are being taken advantage of. Only the GOP has apologized to BP... Now YOU should!

In the latest, egregious, attack against Corporations, and all the good that they do, some dirty little profiteers have taken advantage of BP, and therefore the people of the Gulf. After BP had to clean up the Human error created by regulations(hmm?), spending $16 billion of their hard earned money in the efforts, it is now popular opinion, as our media will be reporting, that they should be reimbursed. The GOP has apologized already(thanks Joe Barton) for the hate towards BP, now it's your turn. Get on your knees!

Read more about this robbery here: ►Truthout: Spillionaires◄

Give BP your best apology in the Comments Below!


  1. BP, I'm sorry those birds got covered in your oil. Joe Barton rocks!!

  2. BP, I'm sorry for wishing your complete demise. But my wish is still out there. I'm sorry.